Take control of your health and the health of your loved ones 1 piece of data at a time

BASELINE puts you in control of your data, your body, and your health. One step at a time, as a partner in your journey we help identify and eliminate risks and track what makes you look and feel your best inside and out... all for the cost of Netflix

Healthcare is Broken

The current system wasn't built for the benefit of our health. No time with our DR, rising premiums and deductibles, no understanding of our health data or risks, the demands of work, and the costs of eating healthy we are set up to fail.

Of adults in the U.S. has or is at risk for Heart Disease, Hypertension, or Diabetes
Of the 29 million adults in the U.S. with Type 2 diabetes don't know they have it
Of of the 75 million in the U.S. at risk for hypertension don't know they are at risk
12 Months
With rates negotiated each year, if there's no return in 12 months insurance carriers won't cover it

Baseline puts you in the drivers seat for your health, and the health of your loves ones...

Identify & Eliminate Risks

More frequent and comprehensive data means you'll know where you stand now to take action before your health and your finances suffer. We give you the tools you need to optimize your health.

Identify & Eliminate Symptoms

We teach you how to listen to or (A / B test) your body, making it easy to see what’s causing fatigue congestion, joint pain, heartburn and more. We give you the tools you need to master your body.

Fast & Accurate Diagnoses

When something does go wrong, having a history of data that can be used for diagnosis is critical to fast and accurate solutions. We give you the tools you need to drive rapid and accurate diagnosis.

Immediate, Clear, Individualized Analysis

Your Health Data

With each piece of data we analyze your health to create a personal checklist for optimal health and a Baseline health score for diseases and body systems including Diabetes, Thyroid, Heart, Kidney and more.

Your Checklist

An individualized checklist of what to do next from new tests to run, things you can do to improve or optimize your health and when you need to see a DR or go to the Emergency Room.

Your Baseline

An individualized Baseline that tracks and trends your risk by body system or disease connecting the dots for you and your care team to identify and eliminate potential health risks early!

A Clear Path to Eliminating Symptoms

Your Symptom

Health is a process of elimination. We get you as fast as possible through that process with a combination of what can be done with a DR and in your daily lives, helping you learn to master your body.

Your Checklist

We create a checklist of what can be done to cross off potential causes. This includes helping you learn how to “A / B” test what you do at home to see what makes you feel best and worst.

Your Progress

Monitoring your symptoms, treatments and diagnostics we create connections between your DR’s prescriptions, what you’re trying at home and how it all impacts your symptoms and health.

Baseline gives you the data you need to provide optimal care in less time

Patient Prioritization

Alert levels based upon individual patient progress and participation in their health allowing you to spend more time with the patients that need your help.

Comprehensive HRAs

Health Risk Assessments that go beyond just a few questions. Baseline captures information and trends for a full history and telemetry of a patient’s health.

Better Care, in Less Time

Baseline engages and educates patients to create a better care environment making each visit as efficient and effective for creating optimal patient health.

About Us

Baseline is made up of a team of industry innovators and leaders, here are a few of our key advisors and team members.

David Calabrese
Dr. Tim Puri
Larissa Polejaev
Dr. Farhad Modarai
Joshua Prasad
Market Access
Dr. Sameer Sood
Aaron Dence
Matija Cale

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